Shinzo Coffee 2.0


Shinzo, in the land of the origin on Zen – Japan, means “Heart” ~ Give out more than you get. Be thankful for the love in your life.

Tasting Notes: Peach | Plum | Tropical Fruit
Roast Level: Light-Medium
Process: Natural Maceration
Estate/Location: Kalledevarapura Estate (India)
Elevation: 4200 Ft ASL
Plant Varietal: Chandragiri

Each pack contains 250 gms of coffee.

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Our Shinzo coffee, sourced from Kalledevarapura Estate, is one of our most favorite coffee. In its natural maceration process, the pulp of fruit dries around the beans, changing the flavor of coffee beans. Experience the fruity flavors with tangy undertones; you might even wonder that what you’re drinking is originally coffee.

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