CreativeHub Go Young Gift Hamper


CreativeHub Go Young Gift Hamper includes the following curated and designed products:

  • Kharcha-Pani Expense Journal (1 pc)
  • Tinkle Double Digest Comic (1 pc)
  • Recycled Grow the Seed Pencils and Pen (1 combo pack)
  • Inspirational Happy Desk Placards (4 pcs)
  • Labyrinth Maze Ball Game (1 pc)
  • Tibetan Praying/Bike Flags (1 set)
  • Paper Mache Container Box (1 pc)
  • Nutties Chocolate Pack (1 pc)
  • CreativeSoul Bookmark by CreativeHub (1 pc)
  • Hello Card (1 pc)
  • Box and Packaging  (1 pc)


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